Is brandy dating florida

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Is brandy dating florida

The man (Randall) said it was an "emotional affair" but apparently it was more.

There were threatening texts back and forth between Brandy and Randall, according to friends, but LE could not verify this.

Maybe she had too much luggage and wanted to ditch her dayplanner. I had never heard of this case until watching Disappeared, but I agree with the last few posts above.

I couldn't understand why the missing medication would support her being dead.

That said, I think she is deceased and I think Randall and/or his wife are most likely responsible. So he probably knows a lot about crime scenes, evidence, and how to cover up a crime. He's a paid firefighter for the City of Palm Bay, Fl.

Randall has not been named a suspect but he was the last person she spoke to on that night, for 11 minutes.

Her husband took a LD test as soon as he got out of prison and passed and LE said he is not a suspect, he is ruled out. I feel that Randall is clearly a suspect, no matter what LE says.

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Nevertheless, being an EMT as well, he does know a lot about crime scenes, evidence.

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